First Look at Showtime’s The Borgias

First Look at Showtime’s The Borgias

As a person who has been following this like a hawk, I am so thrilled to finally see a proper trailer for the upcoming Showtime series, The Borgias. If you were a fan of The Tudors, the amazing show detailing the life of King Henry VIII, you will easily fall in love with this new series.

The Borgias is about, well… the Borgias. For all you Assassin’s Creed fans reading this, you are already all too familiar with Rodrigo, Cesare, and Lucrezia. Keep in mind though that the events in the video game didn’t fully follow history, so don’t expect to see Ezio Auditore in The Borgias, because he didn’t really exist. You will however get to see Rodrigo climbing the ranks in the Catholic church, buying his way into being declared Pope, and the incestuous relationship between Cesare and Lucrezia.

With what appears to be a great cast, helmed by the talented Jeremy Irons, The Borgias is sure to not disappoint. No clear premiere date has been given, but it is expected to begin sometime in early 2011.

For more information on The Borgias and the cast, check out the official website where some extra teaser videos are available.

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