Get Ready to be a God on Android and Windows Phone 7

Get Ready to be a God on Android and Windows Phone 7

An established series on the iPhone is always a great accomplishment. So why not spread the fun everywhere else? Pocket God is coming. Let the smiting begin!

Bolt Creative eagerly announced that their game, Pocket God, will be finding an all new audience with the owners of Android and Windows Phone 7 cellphones. Teaming up with ngmoco helped make the transition a success.

If you have yet to play the game, it’s worth the $1 you pay for it. The game takes place on a small island inhabited by small creatures called Pygmies. You get to, if you haven’t guessed already, play god and control over your small islanders. It’s a game very similar to The Sims but a lot less complicated (and funnier). Now you might be thinking that it would get old doing the same thing over and over. Well, Bolt Creative has that taken care of. Every time the game gets a major update and new content is added into the game, you get it all for free. Absolutely free. The current iPhone version has over thirty updates and guess what? They were all free!

The game should be coming soon for Windows Phone 7 and has already been released for Android. If you try the game and end up being a fan, try checking out their comic sometime. It adds to the story and makes the small island so much more entertaining.

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