Get Spanked Today! DeathSpanked, That Is

Get Spanked Today! DeathSpanked, That Is

You’ve played it on PlayStation 3. You’ve played it on Xbox 360. Or, actually, maybe you haven’t. Maybe you don’t have those systems. Well, you must have a computer, right? You’re reading this web page. You’ve got a computer? Well, you’ve played it for PC! Oh, wait, you’re a Mac guy. Well, good! Great! DeathSpank! It’s out now for Mac!

I’m a lazy, lazy person, so I’m going to go back to a previous article I wrote about the imminent release of DeathSpank on PC and Mac and just take the synopsis I wrote for it from there. Imagine me making a sandwich or something in the time it would have taken me to write the next paragraph or two. I shall update where necessary.

DeathSpank, the lovable hero who sets out to right wrongs and kill demon chickens, can no longer be contained by the mere dimensions of a video game console. No, this brave fellow must now expand his horizons and look into the worlds of Mac gaming. They will be coming to Mac today. All for $14.99. Excitement brews, does it not?

But is this all? No, this is not all. You also get two pieces of free downloadable content upon the purchase of the game. You can expertly explore the Snowy Mountain Dungeon with your new co-op buddy, Sidekick Tankko. Tankko is a half man, half spider, poison spitting piece of awesome by the way.

So yeah, DeathSpank is great. It’s out for Mac via Steam. Go buy it.

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