Insane Decimation X3 Vid

Insane Decimation X3 Vid

Decimation X3, an Xbox Live Indie Game from Xona Games, is ridiculously fun. It’s retro but slightly updated, it’s frantic but still controlled, and it takes you back to the good ol’ arcade days. Today, one of the creators of the game, Matthew Doucette (@mdoucette), posted a YouTube video showing some gameplay where he and 3 friends (one of them being a 6 year old kid) go all the way to level 92. Needless to say, things get insane.

Now before some of you go and say “well of course he got to level 92, he made the game”, hear me out on this one. Yes, he did create the game so he knows the bosses he will encounter, and he knows ways to exploit the game but creating a game doesn’t mean you know how to play it or are even good for that matter.

If you haven’t purchased Decimation X3, you should be asking yourself why not. For starters, it only costs a buck (80 Microsoft Points), has local co-op, and is basically like if Space Invaders went to a rave and got high off of LSD and crack. Need I say more?

In the video uploaded by Matthew, the game starts off at its standard pace, but as things progress bullets are flying through the sky so fast it looks like a snow storm is about to hit the little spaceships. Then, colors start flashing everywhere, they get powerups to where they are firing at the baddies as if their lives depended on it (because games are real life, you know), and they start to heavily rely on their buddies as well as strategy. The vid is a little shy of 16:30 so if you can manage to sit all the way through it, be prepared for some awesomeness. Also remember that one of the players is a kid, so kudos to him for starting his gaming future on the right foot.


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