Konami Sinks Its Teeth Into Two New Castlevania DLC Packs

Konami Sinks Its Teeth Into Two New Castlevania DLC Packs

So the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow ending. Confusing, right? It just came out of nowhere and then… ended. It raised more questions than it did provide satisfying answers. Well, now some of those questions are getting answered. Konami is releasing two DLC packs for Lords of Shadow that will serve as epilogues to the game.

Lords of Shadow, overall, was a pretty damn good game. So what could be better than more of a pretty damn good game? That’s right, nothing. You get a cookie.

First up is Reverie, which has Gabriel going back to Carmilla’s castle only to find out that the recently slain queen of the vampires wasn’t the biggest of the big bad evils to be found in the castle. And since you killed Carmilla, it has had a chance to get out. Now you have to team up with Carmilla’s vampire daughter, Laura, to kick that new evil whatever’s ass. And as long as that  means more demon chess, I’ll be happy.

However, Reverie is just an appetizer. After Reverie comes Resurrection, which takes place immediately after the final scene of the game. You know, in the *SPOILER* present after Gabriel has become *BIGGER SPOILER* Dracula. Konami promises a final showdown with “a very notorious enemy.” Whatever that means. But hey, I’m good for it. As long as it provides me some answers.

Reverie will launch in April for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live with Resurrection following in April.

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