Mass Effect 3 for PC Only?

Mass Effect 3 for PC Only?

Electronic Arts posted the store listing for Mass Effect 3 earlier, and I noticed one thing right away.  The box art displays the PC logo, and over in the “Platform” menu, it only lists the PC.

There is no set release date, and when I searched on the store page, I couldn’t come up with any answers. 


This has to be a mistake, or some kind of accidental early post.  Surely, they wouldn’t exclude the other major platforms, would they?  If so, there are going to be a ton of really pissed off gamers!

Check the posting HERE (it even has a tab for Pre-Orders)


<I am un-effected  ahaha… ok it was a bad play on words>

  • Sami B.

    you have to remember they are also re-doing ME2 for PS3 peeps 🙂

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