Monty Python Returns With A New Ministry

Monty Python Returns With A New Ministry

If you’re not a fan of Monty Python, then this article is not for you. Also, I like you just a little less now. Sorry. It’s nothing personal, you know; it’s just that your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries. Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time.

I’m generally not a fan of Facebook games. You won’t see me on FarmVille, or Mobsters, or any of those other wastes of time. I will, however, soon become a frequent visitor of the new Monty Python inspired Facebook game from Zattikka, The Ministry of Silly Games. Announced yesterday by Monty Python greats Terry Jones (the one who dressed up as a lady quite often) and Terry Gilliam (the American member of the troupe that did all of the animation), The Ministry of Silly Games will provide a Pythonesque environment on Facebook for players to congregate and play silly, pointless games, such as:

  • King Arthur’s Knight Fight – A frantic “slice-’em’up”, featuring the Black Knight (‘Tis but a scratch!), the Killer Rabbit (with nasty, big, pointy teeth), Tim the Enchanter (There are some who call me…. Tim), the Holy Hand Grenade (One… two… five!), and God (‘Course it’s a good idea!)
  • Monty Python’s Scratch ‘N Sniff – Observation game featuring Zattikka’s original Flash “Scratchcard” mechanic.
  • Camelot Smashalot – Catapult livestock, Holy Hand Grenades, and Trojan rabbits (maybe if we built a giant wooden badger) at the fiendish French (silly English kniggits!) fortresses.
  • Twit Russian Roulette – Keep your Upper-Class Twit alive for as long as you can in this wacky game of Russian Roulette!
  • Mr. Creosote – Feed Mr. Creosote his favorite nosh (I’ll have the lot) but avoid the wafer thin mints in this fun one-button reaction game.
  • Gumby Flower Arranging – Help the Gumby match three flowers of the same kind, otherwise he’s going to hit himself with bricks!
  • Gillaxian – Arcade-style shooter that’s also a tribute to a great game and a great artist.
  • Aerial Antics – Balance your TV aerial on household objects to tune in your telly in this fun puzzler.

These games will all be available at launch, with more (hopefully) being developed to expand the Ministry’s influence and prestige.

Like I said, I’m not one to generally be found playing Facebook games. I’ll be playing these, however, because of my trust in the source materials. Nobody can make me laugh quite like Monty Python, and anything that adds to that experience is welcome.

The Ministry of Silly Games looks like what was inside my head when I was creating all that iconic imagery. -Terry Gilliam

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