Review: Kick Ass (PS3)

Review: Kick Ass (PS3)

Recently, I had the privilege of sitting down in front of my TV, curled up in a ball with my delicious Starbucks and kicking ass on Kick Ass. After several levels of gameplay, some curse words, and lots of dead enemies, I present to you: my thoughts on Kick Ass’ addition to the PlayStation Network!

Kick Ass is a 3D fighter game set in 3rd person view featuring 8 levels of mob bosses and thugs with lots of gore. Throughout the game, upon completing a level, players will unlock the entire first issue of the Kick Ass comic book, which inspired both the game and the hit movie. Which, I might add – I loved!

For me, in order for a game to be labelled as “good” or “buy-worthy”, a game has to be memorable and enjoyable. Kick Ass is no exception. And, to be honest, I’m going to spoil the end and tell you this game is fantastic!

Kick Ass gives you the option to play the game as either Kick Ass, Hit Girl or Big Daddy. Being a girl, and enjoying the ability to play as a female character, I, of course, chose Hit Girl. After I played through the game fully as Hit Girl, I replayed the first few levels as Kick Ass and Big Daddy to see if there were any level differences. From what I can tell, regardless of which character you choose, the levels aren’t very different, except you have different weapons.

The graphics, camera angle and style of fighting, at first, reminded me of an old school Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game. I love me some TMNT! In fact, I recently purchased those cute little green fighters during the XBLA Black Friday sale! So, I think it’s safe to say it was awesome!

I don’t understand – and never will understand – why some games take away your ability to control the camera. If my right analog is not configured for anything, please, please, please – let me control where the darn camera goes! I cannot stress enough how frustrating it is to have a fixed camera during a fight! It makes me SO frustrated! Here is probably one of two fails for Kick Ass!

The second fail is that there is not an online multiplayer. Since there are only 8 levels and 3 characters to choose from, it limits the ability to replay this game. If there was a multiplayer mode, at least then, you can battle against friends.

Overall, this game was great! I am a huge fan of the comic books. An admittedly smaller fan of the movie, and now a fan of the game as well! For movie fans, you’ll be happy to hear that the game uses scenes from the hit movie between levels, and of course, as mentioned before – comic book fans will get to read the first issue.

Why are you still reading? GO! Try Kick Ass out for yourself!

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