So What Makes Homefront’s Multiplayer So Great?

So What Makes Homefront’s Multiplayer So Great?

Find out in this new developer diary as the people behind this ripped-from-the-headlines shooter show us why killing our friends will be so much fun.

Much has been made of Homefront’s single player campaign where North Korea finally pushes the crazy button and gets all invasion happy. And with real life news starting to get dangerously close to the fiction of the game, it puts the entire shebang into a whole new light. But that is a topic for another article. Here we’re going to talk about the multiplayer of the game. Or, more specifically, they’re going to talk about it. They have a developer diary out now showing us how this thing works. So, why should I keep talking about this? Let’s let the guys who know what they’re talking about do that thing they do.

  • Austin

    I’ve been watching this one on Steams news, looks like it will be a good experience!

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