SOE’s Holiday Cheer!

SOE’s Holiday Cheer!

Cars hidden under ten feet of snow. Malls full of procrastinators trying to purchase the perfect holiday gift. Grampa breaking a hip after he falls on some ice. None of this sounds nice. So, to help pick you up this winter, Sony Online Entertainment is going to give us a lil’ somethin’ somethin’!

SOE has announced that in order to spread some holiday happiness, winter and holiday themed items and events will be taking place across many of their popular games!

For example, in Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures, you’ll see holiday decorations up on Orta Plutonia and players will have the ability to collect Life Day orbs from the area surrounding the Jedi Temple or wear Life Day Robes to collect presents from the Gifting Tree. Amongst these cool decorations, players will also be able to purchase items such as a Clone Trooper nutcrackers and Clone Snowtrooper outfits, to name a few things.

Then, you can help celebrate the winter holidays with a Snow Day for the second year in Free Realms by defending the Gifting Tree from the abominable snowman and his gang of present thieves. Players can use snowballs to defend the tree, earning rewards in the process. Snow Days will stick around until January 19th, and you can visit the Marketplace to purchase new clothing, costumes and other items such as snow globes.

In EverQuest and EverQuest II, the annual Frostfell event will be taking place now through January 8. In EverQuest, Santa Claugg is not quite feeling his jolly ol’ self, and it’s your duty to complete missions such as Operation: Jolliness and Gathering Holiday Cheer to help cheer him up. In EverQuest II, Santa Glugg is back and spreading some holiday cheer with 13 tradable gifts. Meanwhile, Gixen, a Santa Glugg helper, can be found around the area exchanging odd gift-boxes and toys for Frozen Tokens of E’ci.

Now, when I say “Wookiee Life Day festivities”, I hope you think of Star Wars Galaxies, because that’s what we’re talking about next! There’s lots to do between now and January 11. You can check out the holiday decorations in Dearic, Wayfar and Doaba Guerfel. Or, you can visit Trandoshan Traders and Wookiee Freedom Fighters for some additional quests. Perhaps you would like some holiday music? Well, check out Figran D’an and the Model Nodes for some holiday tunes or visit Wroshyr Tree to receive special gifts! Meanwhile, Members of the Rebellion can receive special rewards by decorating trees and Members of the Empire can destroy the presents the rebels leave behind to earn rewards. Now, doesn’t that sound like fun?

Sony Online Entertainment will also be helping out with Child’s Play by participating in the annual Child’s Play Winter Charity Drive. Child’s Play is a charity which helps provide age-appropriate toys to children in more than 70 hospitals worldwide. According to SOE, “for each select in-game item purchased from Dec. 21 through Dec. 31, SOE will donate $10 to the charity, up to $50,000 total. Participating items include: P3-NUT, a nutcracker-themed Droid pet in Clone Wars Adventures; a penguin pet in Free Realms; the Child’s Play cardboard tube ornamentation, an effect that makes any weapon look like a cardboard tube in EverQuest and the cloak of falling snow in EverQuest II.”

Now, you don’t have an excuse! Go buy some items and help children all at the same time! Now that’s holiday cheer!

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