Steam Is Having a Treasure Hunt

Steam Is Having a Treasure Hunt

If you weren’t paying attention over Thanksgiving, you might have missed out on Steam’s latest giveaway idea.  Do a “thing”, get a chance to win the top 5 games on your Steam Wishlist!  (I moved all the expensive ones to the top ^_^ )  Last time, they selected 5 people every day for the duration of the holiday sale.  This time we have to work for it.

Every 48 hours a list of 4 objectives will be announced, along with a matching set of fantastic deals!  Every 2 days 20 people will win the top 5 games on their wishlist, and somebody is going to win 100 games of their choice!  I could waste your time repeating their news post, but you may as well read the rules HERE, and the official event poster HERE.  The event is going until December 20th, so this will be a fun two weeks!  Make sure you add some games to your wish list, in case you win. ^_^

< really hoping for a free  copy of The Witcher 2 >

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