Review: Where’s Waldo in Hollywood (iP)

Review: Where’s Waldo in Hollywood (iP)

We all remember Waldo from out childhood. His colorful books made it look like we were actually participating during reading time in primary school. Now he’s got a game for iOS devices that will help us look like we are taking notes during that busy office meeting. Where’s Waldo in Hollywood is your new favorite finder.

Whether you grew up with Waldo or are discovering him for the first time, you’ll be sure to be entertained by this new game. Ludia, the guys behind other games like Family Feud Decades and The Amazing Race, are proud to bring us this all new Where’s Waldo adventure. While Waldo was hard to pick out in a crowd in the books, he’s a down right challenge on the iOS screen. In this electronic adventure, Waldo’s taken to Hollywood to play with the stars.

The game takes you through ten different stages ranging from a busy soundstage to a nautically themed musical. In each level, you are challenged with the task of finding Waldo, Wenda, Wizard Whitebeard and Woof. After finding Waldo, he gives you a list of other people and objects to find in the stage. After finding some of Waldo’s other friends, you unlock even more games to play. Wenda has you looking for scenes that she’s taken pictures of, Whitebeard tells you what he’s looking for and Woof just has you searching for bones. In addition to the regular games, there are letters hidden throughout each stage. Collect the letters and they spell out Hollywood.

The game plays just like the books originally did, you search around on your screen for whatever you’re looking for and tap on it when you find it. Sounds easy right? It is. With everything there is to look for, it’ll take a while for you to finish the game. But that’s a good thing! Who wants to blow through a game like it’s nothing?

Not only does this game play like the old Waldo books, it also looks like them too. Well, kind of. It looks like the books except some of the people and objects around the scene are animated. As you search you get treated to watching people falling out of windows, people running into each other and random objects falling down, which makes the game even more amusing. Now, while some of these animations are fun to watch, some of them look a little grainy. I normally wouldn’t notice this much but when it’s a game like this, you tend to notice some of the smaller details easier. Since the game is on a mobile device, it’s convenient but convenience comes with a price. It is a lot harder to see. The game does let you zoom in, but then it feels like you can’t see enough because only so much fits on the screen leaving you either squinting at the image or slowing panning across it.

The music was festive and entertaining for a while. For as long as you might be playing, that music starts to get annoying fast. It would have been nice if the game had a little more variety or if it would let you use your own music.

Overall though, the game is a very good and entertaining. If you are a parent with kids, a big Waldo fan, or are planning on going on a trip, this game is great for keeping  yourself or the kids occupied. I would recommend this game. It’s worth the money, and, despite its few faults, it will keep you entertained for hours. Waldo for the win!

Where’s Waldo in Hollywood for the iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad is available now in the iTunes App Store for a special Holiday Blowout Sale price of only $0.99! Visit Ludia’s official website to learn more!

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