Wanna Make a Wager?

Wanna Make a Wager?

If you’re a gamer in love with sports games such as Fifa 2010, Fifa 2011, NHL 2010, NHL 2011, or Madden NFL 11, then I’ve got a website that can make your games a little more interesting. If you’ve been looking for a way to spice up your sports games, playhem.com has a new and interesting idea for you. Wagers. They think that games are always a little more interesting when money is on the line and hey, I can’t disagree with that.

If you’re worried that this sounds like gambling, don’t worry. It’s not done with money, but the ingenious invention of points! You can get points through a number of simple tasks like signing up for the site, connecting it to your facebook, etc. Now, you’re probably wanting to know what the point to collecting all these points is. That would be the prizes, duh… haven’t you ever played a game like this before?

The prizes are worth it. Believe me. You could win an iPad just for collecting enough points! Yeah, an iPad. Believe it.

For a full list of the prizes and what you have to do to get them, check out their website here.

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