X-Men Arcade Coming To XBLA First, PSN Second

X-Men Arcade Coming To XBLA First, PSN Second

Update: Shortly after this release schedule was announced, a Konami representative spoke out confirming an alternate schedule. The game will be released on PSN December 14th, and on XBLA December 15th.

A few months ago I discussed the announcement of the classic X-Men arcade game coming to XBLA and PSN with considerable excitement and glee. I am afraid that, in that discussion, I did not make it very clear how greatly the classic arcade port impacted me. Allow me to rectify that now by saying that I have been a great fan of the X-Men since my childhood, and have a special place in my heart for both the X-Men arcade game being ported and, to a different degree, the classic X-Men game for the SEGA Genesis. Today, a new tidbit of information has hit that has made my excitement and glee rise to what most physicians would consider unhealthy levels.

In exactly one week, on December 15th, X-Men Arcade will be released on XBLA (although no pricing has been announced). With a two-month exclusive availability on XBLA, PSN users will have to wait until February to suit up and defend humanity against the arguably evil Magneto (I say arguably, because I do not believe that Magneto always qualifies as “evil” but that is a lengthy discussion that I won’t go in to here) and his cadre of comrades.

In one week, I will be able to experience again (albeit in a different environment) an arcade game I have loved, but haven’t played in over ten years. I love modern technology.

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