Capcom Haunts Retailers Today With Ghost Trick

Capcom Haunts Retailers Today With Ghost Trick

The psychic sleuthing game from the mind behind Phoenix Wright manifests in stores today.

Shu Takumi, the father of the wildly popular Ace Attorney series of games is giving us another bit of DS love with Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. Ghost Trick features the story of Sissel, a man who has both been murdered and hit with that most old hat of video game plot devices, amnesia. A rough day for Sissel turns into a great opportunity for you as you take up his quest to figure out who he is, how he was murdered and how to bring the murdering bastards and/or bitches to justice. You do this by using your stylus to trigger objects in the world with your ghostly powers, making them react and leading him to clues which will solve the mystery. You and Sissel only have until sunrise, though. So, make your time count.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is available today for the Nintendo DS. And if you go to the Capcom Store you can grab the Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective New Classics Bundle (what the hell is a new classic?) which includes both Ghost Trick and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. You can get both games for $39.99.

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