Hells To The Yes! Phoenix Will Be In Marvel vs. Capcom 3!

Hells To The Yes! Phoenix Will Be In Marvel vs. Capcom 3!

Oh, today is a day I thought would never come! Capcom has revealed two new characters for their upcoming game (that will be a huge hit, mark my words), Marvel vs. Capcom 3. The first is Mike Haggar from Final Fight, but the other is Phoenix from X-Men! That’s right! Good ol’ Jean Grey in all her awesome glory!

Chicks from the X-Men are no strangers to the game. We’ve seen Storm and Rogue, and while both are pretty cool (and pretty sexy), they don’t hold a candle to Phoenix. If you are unfamiliar with the Phoenix, or how the story goes, it all started when Jean and Scott, along with Wolverine and Banshee, are abducted by Sentinels. They are then taken into outer space where there is an abandoned S.H.I.E.L.D. base. With the help of the other X-Men, and a man named Dr. Corbeau, the gang is rescued and the station is destroyed because a new batch of Sentinels were being developed there. Due to the chaos, the shuttle the X-Men came in on was destroyed, so they take a new shuttle but someone must stay in the control bay to pilot it while everybody else stays in the back where it’s protected.

Since no one else would be able to withstand the intense radiation, Jean used her telepathic powers on Dr. Corbeau to learn how to pilot the craft and used her telekinesis to create a shield that would protect her from the radiation. Unfortunately the radiation is too intense and her shield gives way, and the barriers Professor X put up in her mind are destroyed. Jean’s true potential is unlocked, but she is slowly dying. Her mind reaches out and cries for help, and with her call being answered by the Phoenix Force, Jean is saved and survives the shuttle crash.

For awhile Jean is good as Phoenix, but later on Mastermind gets a hold of Jean and tampers with her mind, convincing her she is a Victorian aristocrat, and she becomes the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club. While under Mastermind’s control Jean turns on the X-Men but then loses control over her emotions which results in her becoming the Dark Phoenix. As the Dark Phoenix, Jean attacks the X-Men, destroys a solar system’s star, and ends up committing suicide on the moon so that she can’t hurt anybody else.

The Phoenix Saga is, and forever will be, my favorite story arc in any comic so it pleases me to no end that I will be able to kick ass with the Phoenix. In the video below we see Jean in her iconic green and gold costume, but when she levels up you’ll see her become Dark Phoenix and unleash some badassery. I seriously can’t wait for when Marvel vs. Capcom hits stores in March!

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