Majesco Plans to Bring Gamers a Monster of a Tale

Majesco Plans to Bring Gamers a Monster of a Tale

Today Majesco Entertainment released a ton of information for their upcoming Nintendo DS title, Monster Tale. Developed by DreamRift, the team behind the popular Henry Hatsworth and the Puzzling Adventure, Monster Tale looks like it’s going to give gamers many hours of enjoyment.

One thing that instantly stood out to me was how both screens are used for different purposes. In other DS games I’ve played, the top screen is mainly used for the menu or isn’t really used at all, so it’s as if Monster Tale is two games in one. The top screen has players platforming, making their way through the Monster World as Ellie, the protagonist. The bottom touch-screen is where you raise and manage your pets. The story revolves around Ellie and Chomp, a young, newly hatched monster who becomes her friend, and you’re tasked with bringing down the Kid Kings, a group of nasty little brats who have enslaved monsters to do their evil bidding.

What’s really cool is how you can raise and evolve Chomp as the game progresses, and he will have roughly 30 different forms that will grant him unique abilities, including shields, bombs, and more, along with attributes. In the Touch Screen Pet Sanctuary you can feed Chomp items and toys that will help promote his growth. You will also be able to summon Chomp from the Pet Sanctuary to help you fight off baddies and get through some parts in the game you wouldn’t be able to access otherwise. How you raise Chomp or use him in battle will affect how he evolves, so if you’re good to him chances are you’ll get a solid ally.

In Monster World you’ll go through 5 non-linear areas and when you reach the end you’ll face off against one of the Kid Kings and their monstrous companion. As you defeat enemies, some will drop items that Ellie can give to Chomp so he can use them later on. Ellie can be beefed up as well with stat enhancements and new abilities making her one kick-ass chick. Another way to boost Ellie is by the use of Runes that can be found after defeating a boss or in a hidden area. The Runes will give her permanent abilities like dash, wall jump, and roll.

With the game’s release slated for March of this year, and a price estimated around $29.99, Monster Tale is shaping up to be something kids and adults can enjoy, especially if they’re already fans of the ridiculously popular Pokémon franchise.

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