Marooners’ Talk: Episode 000 – “A Hedgehog Named Frank”

Marooners’ Talk: Episode 000 – “A Hedgehog Named Frank”

Episode 000 of Marooners’ Talk is now up. Why did we start off our number at “000?” Because one of our asshole writers thought it would be cool and unique. Now we’re going to have to celebrate our tenth episode during Episode 009, our 50th episode during Episode 049, and our 100th episode during Episode 099. Jackass.

In Episode 000, “A Hedgehog Named Frank,” we discuss the NGP and how it will fare against the 3DS, Christopher Nolan’s recent casting choices for The Dark Knight Rises, Johnny Storm’s death and the closing out of the Fantastic Four, Platinum Games’ upcoming Anarchy Reigns, the Bulletstorm demo, the Killzone 3 beta, The Borgias, ROME, Spartacus, The Tudors, Game of Thrones, and more. This is our first attempt, so look for the audio quality to improve in future episodes (specifically, the unfortunate echo you may hear occasionally), and look for some new features and segments, perhaps.

We will be syndicating on iTunes, and we’ll be sure to let you all know what our iTunes feed is as soon as it’s up and running!

EDIT: We are now searchable and subscribe…able…on iTunes! Please rate, comment, and subscribe!

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