New Trailer for The Sims Medieval Makes Me Want It

New Trailer for The Sims Medieval Makes Me Want It

As a newcomer to The Sims franchise, I have only played recent versions of the games. I loved The Sims 3 on PC, but the iPhone and Xbox 360 versions didn’t do it for me. When EA announced that a medieval version of The Sims would be coming out I knew it was going to be a game I had to have in 2011. Today, EA has made it even more difficult for me to resist the sweet temptations of The Sims Medieval by releasing a new trailer and six screenshots.

Last month it was announced that gamers who pre-ordered the game would get exclusive bonus content that could be used in-game, and you can now see what the bonuses will look like at the end of the trailer or down in the gallery below. I’d pre-order the game just for the Royal Robes, the Dark Magic Throne Room, and Princess Throne Room because it all looks seriously awesome.

The Barbarian Throne Room has dark undertones, but looks like something one would find in a hunting lodge. There are mounted trophies on the wall, a couple of fire pits flank the actual throne, and the chairs look nice and comfortable with the high backs. The Dark Magic Throne Room looks like something taken straight out of a fantasy novel, or the Circle of Magi tower in Dragon Age. Lush violet wallpaper surrounds you and the only light comes from two glowing flames on stone dragon statues that are slightly behind a stone throne. The Princess Throne Room is really plush, ornate, and would please the Queen of Hearts. Crimson and magenta hues make the room really rich, and add a feeling of opulence. This time the lighting is provided by the romantic flicker of candles.

As far as the clothing is concerned, there are Executioner duds for both sexes and they look like the real thing, especially the one for males. The Royal Robes are what you’d expect to see on a King or Queen. Both are exquisitely detailed, look velvety to the touch, and seem to be intricately trimmed with gold thread.

In the trailer, that’s a little under 2 minutes in length, we are treated to a narration about all of the fun things we can do in the game and the visuals that accompany are great. It’s clear there is nobility and there are the workers who will have to scrub the floors, but we also see knights, jesters, and other staples of that time period. I wonder how many people will try to recreate Monty Python’s Camelot Song?


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