Review: Chainz Galaxy (iPad)

Review: Chainz Galaxy (iPad)

A casual iPad game all about using chains to create a world. No, it’s not an S&M game… how could you think that? The little men in the game look like Jesus. And now they’re mad at you.

Mumbo Jumbo has had a history of releasing all kinds of awesome casual games and on December 17th, they added a new game to their collection for all of us to enjoy on the iPad called Chainz Galaxy. It’s a game that starts with the creation of the world and ends with an episode of Jersey Shore (it’s not a spoiler but you’ll definitely see what I mean when you beat the game).

The game is a simple matching game. You connect links of three or more and create chains. Once you have enough chains, you give them to a little man that looks like a caricature of Jesus. The little man will then introduce something new to his little world. The game is easy to play and extremely easy to jump in and out of. Just the way a casual game should be. You always have three different colors of chains and you’re always trying to connect three or more. As you play through the game, you’ll earn more and more power-ups making it easier to collect pieces or get rid of ones that you don’t want. Unfortunately, the game’s difficulty doesn’t progress past that. If you finished the first level, you can finish the final level.

The game looks great on the iPad. The picture is clear and the frame rate doesn’t suffer when you get a huge combo. There were a few minor glitches during the cut-scenes, mostly during the dinosaurs, but nothing that would ruin your experience. Like all casual games, the music gets repetitive after playing through several levels but sound effects are what will get you to leave the game unmuted. Every time you connect three or more links, the game makes a gunshot noise which can be hilarious at times since it sounds like you’re playing a shooter set inside the Museum of Natural History.

There are three modes included in the game; adventure mode, arcade mode, and challenge mode. Arcade and challenge are locked from the beginning of the game and can be unlocked by playing through the adventure mode. Adventure mode will take up most of your time and sadly, after that the game is pretty much over. The two extra modes don’t offer much extra. You can have both complete in an hour and half and I’m talking an hour and a half for BOTH.

The price on the game is set for $9.99 in the App Store. This is simply too much. The most I’d be willing to pay for the game would probably be $4.99. If the game would have had some increase in difficulty over the stages and more content, either more in the extra modes or a new extra mode all together, I think the price would be more justifiable but with the  game the way it is, you’re just going to feel cheated.

The game looks good, has solid game play, and potential. Unfortunately, it’s lack of difficulty and content outweigh it’s strengths. This game is better left alone until the price drops or its content improves.

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