Review: Family Feud Decades (iOS)

Review: Family Feud Decades (iOS)

For over a week now I’ve been playing Family Feud Decades on my iPhone. As a huge fan of the television show I was really interested in getting my hands on this game. Having played iPhone and PC versions of regular Family Feud, I was curious to see how Decades would be different.

Unlike the previous versions I played, Family Feud Decades offers you much, much more. There are more characters to choose from, more ways to customize your character, and you get four decades of the show to play through with three different difficulty levels in each. All of the questions asked are decade specific, so if you weren’t around for the 70’s, or for most of the 80’s you might want to stick to the 90’s or 00’s.

Family Feud Decades by Ludia, the same company that did Where’s Waldo? in Hollywood and The Amazing Race, is a really enjoyable game from start to finish. The narrator never gets annoying, the app never crashed, and despite the fact that I couldn’t pause during the middle of a game, I kept wanting to play it. There were a couple of times where I would get a little miffed that an answer I gave wasn’t on the board, but that happens when you play a game like this.

The game plays just like how the show progressed; you would have the face-off round, decide whether you wanted to play the board or pass it, and then keep going through the rounds until you either lost to the other team or won a chance to get to the final round and go for $25,000. Even when I’d play through the same decade and same difficulty level, I never got bored nor did I ever have a repeat question, so that was really nice.

The graphics were a little basic, but it’s an iPhone game so one shouldn’t expect too much, especially when it’s a game I can play on my 3G version. But even though they were basic, they still had detail in all the right places. The stages looked authentic, the clothing looked as best as it could, and while the hairstyles made me giggle a couple of times, they never looked cartoonish. As far as music goes, it was spot on. The game sounded as if I were watching an episode of the show, and it took me back to when I would watch it almost daily. I welcomed the nostalgia it gave me, and the sound effects chimed in at just the right moments.

With achievements to earn, unlockables, a lot of replay value, and Decades being the best Family Feud game one can get right now, it’s worth every bit of its $2.99 price tag. If you’re a fan of the show you’ll definitely want to snag a copy for your iOS device right this second.

Family Feud Decades is available now for all iOS devices for only $2.99. For more information on Ludia, check out their official website.

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