Wait, What? Matrix 4 & 5? Really?

Wait, What? Matrix 4 & 5? Really?

According to Keanu Reeves, the Wachowskis are working on two new Matrix movies. This is surprising both because of the rather lackluster reception of the last Matrix movie and the fact that they kind of… um… ended the series. Like, definitively. Like, Neo died.

I’m just gonna link to Ain’t It Cool News here for the source of the story, but it’s really everywhere. Keanu was having a talk at the London School of Performing Arts and let slip some neat details about things that are neat. You know, like there’s gonna be two more Matrix movies. He also mentioned some stuff about Bill & Ted 3, a thing that might be well past its prime. I really don’t think I could handle seeing a near 50 year old Keanu Reeves air guitaring anymore, especially without the presence of George Carlin. Rest in peace Rufus…

So anyways, Matrix. Apparently, the Wachowskis have been talking to James Cameron, he of the 3D SmurfyCats fame, to figure out how to make their new Matrix movies even more visually awesome. Of course, these new movies will be in 3D. Sigh. Really loud sigh. The Wachowskis are also apparently looking to make some sort of futuristic Robin Hood movie starring Will Smith. So that could be pretty cool.

So what do you guys think? Is more Matrix a good thing, or should Keanu hang up his black sunglasses and trench coat for good?

EDIT: And yet Screen Rant says this talk never happened. Huh. Well, like I said before, this didn’t really make sense as the third Matrix movie closed with a pretty definitive ending.

Though I stand by what I said about Bill & Ted 3. Keanu has talked about that. Don’t do it Keanu. For the sake of my sanity, don’t do it.

  • Augustine Alan Gatto

    Only if it is more of the beginning, and not some strange bullshit spin off

  • Austin

    Only if it is more of the beginning, and not some strange bullshit spin off

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