Anarchy Reigns Character Bio: Sasha

Anarchy Reigns Character Bio: Sasha

While normally one would have to suffer through weeks of waiting for the next piece of information to be released about a game one anticipates, SEGA has thrown that old paradigm on its head and seems to be giving us a consistent stream of character bios for Platinum Games’ upcoming title, Anarchy Reigns.

Sasha is clearly a Platinum Games’ creation. At 5’6″ and 117 lbs (1.71 meters and 53 kg for the metrics), 24-year-old Sasha seems like quite the petite princess. Don’t be fooled, though. Sasha is a human ice queen clad in a special nanomachine-equipped suit decked out with built-in long-range weaponry, called Snow Spikes. The Snow Spikes consist of six long-range, back-mounted spikes that instantly form ice coated blades.

ICE to meet you, Sasha!

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