Dawn of War II Games on Sale for Cheap

Dawn of War II Games on Sale for Cheap

Yep, THQ has gone mad. With the new stand-alone expansion coming in just a few days, they have slashed the prices on both Dawn of War II titles. And by slashed, I mean they made them nearly free.

You can currently grab both Dawn of War II for $7.50, and Dawn of War II РChaos Rising for $5. Both great games, I can vouch. As far as I can tell, they will be on sale for this weekend only. But chances are Steam will have a similar sale that will coincide with the release of Dawn of War II РRetribution, as they often do with new releases.

Oh, and don’t bother with their silly little downloader. Just pop open Steam once you have your product key and punch it in there. Much easier. Good luck killing mutants, burning heretics and rescuing puppies. Well, daemonic puppies.

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