Metal Gear Online Patch Released

Metal Gear Online Patch Released

Konami has released a new patch for Metal Gear Solid Online, the online game packaged with Metal Gear Solid 4. The patch will make several changes to the game, including the new ability to detect fraudulent network connections, which will speed up gameplay.

The patch will also make several tweaks to current features. Drebin points for weapons have been adjusted, as have the weapon and skill parameters in the game. Skills for unique characters have also been modified. Player movement has been increased overall, and idle kicks have been implemented for auto matching.

Players can also now expect background music updates regularly. These music updates will include classics from past Metal Gear games.

Don’t forget that three expansion packs, GENE, MEME and SCENE, are also available for purchase at either the Konami or Metal Gear Online shop.

For more information on Metal Gear Solid Online, visit the game’s website.

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