NinjaBee Releases New Trailer for Cloning Clyde

NinjaBee Releases New Trailer for Cloning Clyde

A few minutes ago NinjaBee Games, the geniuses behind A Kingdom for Keflings and A World of Keflings, released a new trailer for their upcoming Steam game Cloning Clyde. This game is a collaboration between the NinjaBee team and Bacon Wrapped Games, and you really can never go wrong with bacon.

In the trailer, that’s a little over a minute long, we see Clyde jumping about throughout various levels. When watching the trailer three other games instantly popped into my head: Mega Man 4, Kid Chameleon, and ‘Splosion Man. Why those three? Well, the art style heavily reminds me of the great XBLA game ‘Splosion Man (even though Cloning Clyde originally came on XBLA back in 2006), the way the levels are laid out along with the ladders take me back to the good ol’ NES days and Mega Man 4, and Kid Chameleon, which was an EPIC Genesis game, and had a kid who would wear different masks and gain abilities. When Clyde wears a chicken suit we see that he has the ability to flap wings and fly, and when he dons a gorilla suit he can climb across areas he wouldn’t be able to clear by jumping.

I will admit that I’m shocked I haven’t played the game before because this looks like a game I’d really enjoy, but it’s something I’ll definitely be checking out. Steam gamers will have to wait a little bit longer until they can get their hands on Clyde and his craziness when the game releases this spring.

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