Oh No – Devil May Cry is Getting the Big Screen Treatment

Oh No – Devil May Cry is Getting the Big Screen Treatment

According to Variety, in which I sincerely hope this is an early April Fool’s hoax, Screen Gems have purchased the rights to Devil May Cry. Kyle Ward, the same guy who is working on the screenplay for the Kane & Lynch movie (yes, you read that correctly), is the one penning the DMC script. Aside from working on another script for a movie called Fiasco Heights, Ward hasn’t done anything else which makes me worry considerably.

Dante, who is the protagonist in the Devil May Cry franchise, is one of my favorite video game characters of all time because he is such a badass. If they screw him up and butcher the franchise, I think my brain will explode. Screen Gems isn’t exactly known for following video game canon, so that makes me worry even more. The Resident Evil movies were pretty bad and revolved around a character that isn’t in any of the games. The story of Umbrella, of Nemesis, the T-Virus, and pretty much everything else was butchered. I’ve played all of the RE games, except for the on-rail shooters that were released for the Wii, and I’ve seen all of the movies so I know what I’m talking about.

I’m hoping that, since we are at the point of no return with this, they follow the story and don’t deviate. The hard part will be finding an actor who can pull Dante off and not make him out to look like some sissy, because he is far from it. There was already the news last year about the Devil May Cry game reboot with a younger Dante, so this new tidbit only fuels my nerd rage.

What do you guys (and gals) think? Is this a terrible idea, or are you excited to see Dante and his demon buddies hit the big screen? Leave us a comment below!

  • it depends on the style of the movie in my opinion. If the movie is action packed and they make the demons look really good without the CGI (or how ever they plan on doing it) looking cheesy then i am all in. plus i would love to see the big fire spider thing on the big screen.

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