Review: Live Butterflies (iOS)

Review: Live Butterflies (iOS)

Augmented reality games are all the rage these days for iOS devices. We’ve seen the Inception app become a big hit, and there is even a fun Star Wars themed app available right now. Sea Lion Games hopes to tap into that fad with their iOS app, Live Butterflies.

Now, before you start thinking that I’m beginning to get all froofy on you guys, know that this app is more than just “oh, look at the pretty butterflies.” There are two modes to the app, Viewer and the Game.

In viewer, you move your iOS device around and as it shows on your screen everything you tilt the camera at, butterflies move across your screen. If you touch the screen, some will come and fly at your finger and land, and you can even take a picture with the butterfly if you choose to do so. While this might not sound exciting for some, I know there have to be some of you out there who find the sight of a beautiful butterfly to be relaxing. Calm music can also be found in Viewer mode, and you can even select which species of butterfly you wish to interact with.

In Game mode, you have to find as many butterflies as possible before time runs out. The butterflies can be anywhere too; on the ground, near your feet, on the ceiling, to your side, etc. I can see how this mode would be appealing to children, especially if they are in a large space where they can run around with the iPhone/iPod Touch and not risk running into any objects that might cause them to drop or damage the device.

Unfortunately there are only 4 species of butterflies: Monarch, Blue Morpho, Orange-Barred Sulphur, and Green Birdwing. This creates a lack of variety, giving you very little replay entertainment, but like I said before, children will enjoy it immensely. The lack of variety in the species is a fixable problem that can be solved with future updates for the app.

Even though Live Butterflies offers two different game modes, and has very realistic butterflies, I think that the app should initially be available for free since there is little replay value and variety. If you’re a nature lover, or are looking for an app that is family-friendly, then Live Butterflies is perfect for you.

Live Butterflies is available now through the iTunes App Store for $0.99.

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