The Dead Island Trailer is Very Popular

The Dead Island Trailer is Very Popular

People like zombies. Who knew?

Well, apparently the people at Deep Silver and Techland did. They hit the hype ball out of the Internet ballpark with their artistically done trailer showcasing a family being torn apart by the living dead with absolutely no gameplay. That’s right, this trailer got the job done without even showing us what we are going to be playing. Now, while I could go into a tirade about saving the hype for the moment when we see what this thing actually looks like, instead of getting all excited over an artistically done bullshot with lots of promises to follow, I’m not going to. The point of a trailer is to get people excited and curious about a project. And as it turns out, the entire Internet is now curious about what Dead Island is all about. Hell, it even spawned a rumor of a movie being in development that, sadly, is not true. So, good job trailer. You get a cookie. I hear it’s oatmeal raisin.

“We knew that we had something very unique with this trailer and we are very pleased by the positive feedback we received from the reveal of Dead Island and its trailer,” says Georg Larch, International Marketing Director of Deep Silver. “The trailer conveys the mood that the player will experience when his or her in-game character arrives on the island and the picturesque holiday paradise suddenly turns into hell.”

Pleased by the positive feedback Mr. Larch? Well, I guess you would be considering all the fantastic quotes and sources you gave us in the email we got.

Seriously guys, look at all this well earned praise…

  • more than 100.000 fans on the official Facebook page ( in less than a week
  • listed in the “Most Popular” category of YouTube, more than 2.7 million viewers and constantly rising
  • featured on movie media such as Variety, Ain’t-It-Cool-News, Empire or SFX Magazine and non-gaming media like The Guardian and The Independent
  • immediately listed in the “Top 10 trending topics” on Twitter and close to 3.2 million Tweets about the game
  • Tweeted about by world famous entertainment stars, such as Simon Pegg (actor: “Shaun of the Dead”, “Star Trek”), Zachary Levi (actor: “Chuck”) who said it’s “Possibly the greatest trailer I’ve ever seen. For any project. Ever.” as well as Ice-T (musician, actor), Hideo Kojima (game designer: “Metal Gear Solid”) and Graham Linehan (creator: “The IT Crowd”).
  • The L.A. Times asks if this could be “The best trailer in years?”
  • CBS News asked: “Will Video Game Trailer Make You Cry Like a Baby?”
  • The New York Post says: “I want to visit Dead Island.”

Hopefully, some fun stuff will be shown at PAX East in a few weeks, then we can start getting excited properly instead of just watching that magnificent trailer over and over again. Which, by the way, is right here, along with some game details which show that, if everything works out right, this might be the best zombie game ever. And yes, you may put that quote on the box.

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