Trailer: Anarchy Reigns

Trailer: Anarchy Reigns

Earlier this week SEGA released the first real gameplay trailer for Platinum Games’ upcoming multi-player brawler, Anarchy Reigns. While there were glimpses of gameplay in each of the character bio videos they released last week, this is our first clear look at what we can expect in a real game scenario. Are you excited? Get excited. I’ll wait.

Are you excited yet? Well, either way, I’m moving forward. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is the first real gameplay trailer for Anarchy Reigns:

After watching that trailer (more than once, let me assure you), I noticed a couple of things that make me wonder if there are still more playable characters to be announced and if there’s a campaign mode aside from the multi-player brawling. For more playable characters, I noticed a rather large, golden lizard man (referred to as Oliver for the rest of this post) who seemed to be slightly on fire. For campaign mode, I noticed quite a few peon grunts being dismembered by the playable characters (when they weren’t dismembering each other). Perhaps Oliver is not a playable character, but is merely a larger peon grunt within a campaign mode. Perhaps there is no campaign mode, and the multi-player gameplay includes not only real players beating on each other, but AI enemies thrown in for flavor, like AI racers in a driving game?

Any way you look at it, it looks like a blast.

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