Transformers: The Dark of the Moon Shockwave Revealed

Transformers: The Dark of the Moon Shockwave Revealed

Was spotted writing, “ARE ALL DEAD” on random walls.

This is kind of about the new Transformers 3 tie in game, but not really. To talk about the game quick, it is being developed by High Moon Studios, who you might also remember as the people that made Transformers: War for Cybertron. So you should feel very, very good about the direction this new Transformers game is heading in. If the recent Ghostbusters game was the game Ghostbusters fans have been waiting 25 years for, the same could be said about Transformers: War for Cybertron in regards to Transformers fans. Yes, it’s that good.

But hey, we’re only briefly talking about the game. Look at the news that has been revealed: one of the villains of the movie, fan favorite and the guy who kicked Megatron’s ass fully and completely five issues into the original comics, I present to you: Shockwave.

Hellz. Yeah. The only thing that would make this more bad-ass is if he had written, “ARE ALL DEAD” in the background. And I know that’s the second time I’ve used that reference, so to further illustrate how awesome Shockwave is, let me now present the greatest Transformers comic cover of all time.

Now that is a good translation from cartoon to film right there. Michael Bay, you’ve made up a bit for putting testicles on Devastator.

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