Anarchy Reigns Character Bio: Blacker Baron

Anarchy Reigns Character Bio: Blacker Baron

The third MadWorld character to appear in Anarchy Reigns is…Blacker Baron. Seriously, dudes? A black character named…Blacker Baron? My first question is obvious: If he’s the BlackER Baron, who is the Black Baron, and was he skipped over for admission into Anarchy Reigns simply because the Blacker Baron was…blacker? Does the blackness refer to his skin-tone, or the blackness of his villainous heart? Is his given name simply Blacker Baron due to a drunken bet or bad sense of humor in his parents’ part? Inquiring minds must know!

Oh, to top it all off, Blacker Baron is, apparently, a pimp of some sort. At the very least, a “ladies man,” as it were. A cyborg, he fights with flaming mechanical fists called “Super Sexy Fists of Fire,” embellished with large Phoenix-shaped hood ornaments on each hand. According to Mr. Baron, they are, and I quote, “too money for the honeys.” The Blacker Baron measures 6’7″ and 564 lbs. (2.05 meters and 265 kg.), and at 37, still acts like he’s 18, apparently.

Here’s Blacker Baron with his Super Sexy Fists of Fire in action.

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