Buy Cool Stuff, Help Japan!

Buy Cool Stuff, Help Japan!

SEGA of America and the American Red Cross are teaming up to aid efforts to help the people in Japan affected by the recent tsunami. SEGA is auctioning off collectors items through ebay, and 100% of the proceeds of the auction will be donated to the American Red Cross.

Right now, there are twenty pieces of merchandise up for auction, with more on the way. The collectables range from shirts, backpacks and video games to statues, posters and art. Many of the items are also signed (ranging from actor Samuel L. Jackson to industry names like Ken Balough), beefing up their value. Many of SEGA’s franchises are represented in the auction, from Sonic to Yakuza to Bayonetta. To see what may interest you, go here. Where else can you get a SEGA Dreamcast backpack?

The auction is part of the larger “Play for Japan” initiative. Other members of the video game industry, like 1UP and Valve are also pitching in with merchandise to be auctioned. Make sure to visit Play for Japan to see what else is offered. Many of the auctions have a time limit, so see what’s there before it’s too late. Highlights include Hideo Kojima signed Metal Gear Solid stuff and a custom Xbox 360 with 150 XBLA games included. Not very often can you buy great stuff and help a very worthy cause.

If some of the prices are a little too high, you can always visit places like the American Red Cross or Save the Children to give how much you please.

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