Carnival Games is Fun But Makes You Hate Monkeys

Carnival Games is Fun But Makes You Hate Monkeys

Stop your dancing monkey! These games are harder than they look! DAMN YOU MONKEY, STOP LAUGHING AT ME!!!

Some games just seem fit for certain systems. For example, when there came about a method of controlling video games through making throwing and tossing and catching and arm flailing movements, there also came about video games based on popular sports and attractions. Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do for the Kinect is one of those games. It’s a ton of your favorite classic carnival themed games like Skeeball (which, by the way, I found out was a licensed name), balloon popping and test your strength. It also has things that you’ve probably always wanted to try at carnivals, like holding your arms out while riding the roller coaster and grabbing stars as they fly by in a game that feels very much like the Special Stage in Sonic 2. Or maybe that’s just me.

There’s two games that I played that really made me want to get this game. The first is the game where you follow the monkey’s dancing. You spasm about with the monkey, then the monkey stops and you must match his pose. The game, or rather, the God damned monkey, grades you on your accuracy. Oh how I loathe that monkey. Him and his judgemental stares. Oh, you can’t copy that? What’s the matter? I can do that pose? I’m finding it really easy, and I’m just a damn monkey! Oh you creature of darkness…

The second game I loved was basically Hole in the Wall. You don’t know what Hole in the Wall is? Here is what Hole in the Wall is. A hole comes from one end of the stage. You must try to match the shape of the hole. Hopefully you get through the hole instead of having the wall push you into the water. The monkey game is pretty similar to that. A shape appears on a grid. You match the shape to the best of your ability. Sometimes you have to jump at the right time, a thing which I did pretty damn well thank you very much. But did that stop the monkey from judging me? Oh no! And by the way, in true theme park ride tradition, while you’re playing the game it takes pictures of your hideous body contortions. Hope you enjoy seeing yourself look like a jackass.

Really, this is exactly what you think it is. Its a collection of mini games on a motion sensitive game console. They say the games are for people between the ages of six and 86. It’s a family friendly party thing you’ve got going on here. There’s even a promise of more games coming as DLC later on. Is all this what you want? Then Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do should fit that bill quite well.

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