Dungeon Fighter Online Now Available on App Store

Dungeon Fighter Online Now Available on App Store

Nexon’s beat everything up simulator…what, I can call it that if I want to…is now available on the Apple App Store. And there is much rejoicing and breaking of bones, and it was good.

Who doesn’t like a good beat em up? Its one of the most simple and savage thrills in the realm of video gaming. This is proven by the fact that this online beat em up thing has over 200 registered users already subscribed to it. This new release, dubbed the Slayer Edition by the good people at Nexon, features a slew of new features. That’s right, a slew. Like a new Ancient Dungeon and a playable Mage character. You can also zoom in and out of the mini map. That’s important if you want to use the mini map. At least I think so.

“The iOS release of Dungeon & Fighter Slayer Edition represents a significant step forward for the Dungeon & Fighter franchise,” said Hyun-Jong Kim from Nexon Mobile. “Both longstanding fans of the franchise and new players alike will now be able to take the enthralling action of the Dungeon & Fighter universe with them on the go.”

Dungeon Fighter is available now for $4.99

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