Eyes On Zalman’s 3D Monitor

Eyes On Zalman’s 3D Monitor

A 3D screen that doesn’t need to use super expensive rechargeable glasses to see the 3D? That excites me!

Zalman USA makes a lot of computer stuff. As a gamer who mostly does not belong to the PC gaming master race, this area of expertise confuses and frightens me. Luckily for me, the tech demo of Zalman’s 3D monitor only required me to look at things and play Call of Duty: Black Ops. These things I can do. And do them well I did, for I watched 3D Kennedy talk to me on a 3D monitor, after which 3D commies tried to shoot me with 3D bullets. It all worked really well. It’s quite the well put together little monitor.

Oh, I’m sorry. Did I say little? Bullcrap. This is a big 22″ wide monitor. You can also flip it 90 degrees and have it stand tall. More importantly, it serves a purpose as big as itself. It’s not just for shooting 3D commies. That’s a big part of its appeal, yes, but not the only part of it. This monitor is also used for many different things in many different fields, from movies to medical. You can see the 3D work as you are filming with 3D cameras. You can look at medical images in 3D, allowing for better inspection. If you want, nay, need a 3D monitor, this is the thing you’re gonna want, even if it ends up being kinda pricey for the more specified functions.

So what makes this monitor so special? It uses passive 3D instead of active 3D. Wanna know what that is? To make it simple, active uses the glasses to create the 3D, thus requiring the super expensive specs, while passive 3D has the tech in the screen, thus explaining why movie theaters have no use for the massive rechargeable glasses. This is part of why I like this so much. Recharging glasses is stupid. I don’t want to do it. I want to pay 15 to 20 bucks, not over a hundred for a pair of friggin’ glasses. Though no glasses would be best, but until we get a computer monitor 3DS, this is the best we got.

Now let’s get to talking about things that are gaming related. And I must say that this monitor does great things with 3D gaming. It might be the best one I saw on the showroom. Not only did Call of Duty look great as a game in general but the 3D was astounding. When I was looking down the scope of a rifle it actually looked like there was space to be looking down. Sniping people was great. Just looking at the way my hands moved through space was nifty. I played it for around 20 minutes with no ill effects whatsoever. One of the great things about the way this monitor does HD is that it causes zero headaches. I was rockin’ the Cold War like nobody’s business and I could have kept on rockin’ had I more time to be there.

To sum it all up, if you need a 3D monitor, I suggest going with Zalman’s. No recharging, no headaches, no problem.

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