Let Catherine Seduce You

Let Catherine Seduce You

Well that sure was fast! Just yesterday Atlus confirmed that Catherine would be coming to the U.S. and now today we are given a ton of screenshots and a trailer that is more creepy than sexy.

While there aren’t any spoilers about the game in the screenshots or trailer, you can actually get a better idea about the overall tone of the game. Based on the trailer alone we see how Vincent is stuck between the two women, Catherine and Katherine. Katherine looks like an adult school girl, but seems more like the serious, committed type. Catherine has blonde hair, a youthful vibe, and clearly is in touch with her sexual side. Even though Vincent is in a relationship with Katherine, he accidentally spent the night with the temptress and might be trying to cover his tracks. In one of the screenies we see Vincent on the phone with Katherine in the background drinking a cup of tea. She seems oblivious to what has happened and what is currently going on because Vincent is cupping his hand over his mouth. Did Catherine flip a switch and go all “psycho female” on him? We simply don’t know.

Other screenshots show the morning after, when Vincent wakes up in Catherine’s bed, and some even show actual in-game footage. In almost all of those shots Vincent is almost completely naked, wearing only tiny boxers similar to those of Arthur in Capcom’s Ghosts ‘n Goblins. He is also has ram horns coming out of his head and we see rams that border on being anthropomorphic. No combat is shown, so it’s unclear if the rams are things you fight but are there for the sake of being there, but they obviously are important to the game. In another screenshot it appears to be the beginning of a stage but instead of stages, they are broken up into days, like in Ninety-Nine Nights II. That one in particular is called “Stray Sheep.”

One image that did throw me off is one where there is a man in bed and he is awake and screaming. At first I thought it was Vincent, but the character appeared to be too frail and wrinkled to be Vincent. Because of the events that take place in the game does he rapidly age? Maybe I’m way off and it very well could be Vincent with bulging arteries, but that image in particular really has me puzzled.

Some of the people working on Catherine also worked on the Shin Megami Tensei series, which has a heavy dark tone, so it doesn’t surprise me to see that Catherine has a bit of a sinister side. The more I keep seeing and reading about this game, the more I want to play it. Hopefully Catherine is released early on this summer!

For more information, or to pre-order Catherine, check out the game’s official website!

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