No Joke – Bed Intruder Song Coming to Rock Band Network

No Joke – Bed Intruder Song Coming to Rock Band Network

Remember that guy Antoine Dodson who became an Internet sensation when he called out the guys who broke into his house and tried to rape his sister? No? How about the Bed Intruder song where, thanks to the ungodly horror that is auto-tune, Antoine tells us all to hide our kids and hide our wives? That’s what I thought… it’s stuck in your head now, isn’t it?

In what can only be pure coincidence, since I woke up this morning with Bed Intruder stuck in my head for some unknown reason, I came across a video uploaded onto YouTube by KarioDudeRBN, a guy who, according to his YouTube channel bio, displays “preview videos for upcoming songs being authored for the Rock Band Network.”

Now, the video itself is well done and the song matches up perfectly with the multiple tracks across the bottom of the screen, so props to the creator. I do wonder if it’s a little late to be putting this out though seeing that the Antoine incident and song peaked last year. You know how Internet hype goes – hot one minute, but then something always comes a long and the previous ones are forgotten. For example, how long are we going to remember the Zangief Kid who rose to popularity on Monday all because he seriously owned a bully at his school? Sure, you’ll remember seeing the video and everything, but will it retain relevancy? Probably not.

Knowing the people of the Internets, Bed Intruder will probably become a hit and everybody will want to get together with their friends and jam out to it. Hell, if I had Rock Band I’d probably call dibs on singing just so I could make an ass out of myself. Check out the preview video below and let us know what you think in a comment. Also, according to KarioDudeRBN, the final chart may not look like the one shown in the video when it’s eventually released so please keep that in mind.

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