Slam Bolt Scrappers Available Now on PSN

Slam Bolt Scrappers Available Now on PSN

Very rarely do I regret not having a PS3 simply because I adore my 360. Today Sony Online Entertainment and Fire Hose Games released Slam Bolt Scrappers for PSN and I’m green with envy because I don’t get to play it. The game has ass-kicking, puzzles, and lasers! LASERS!

In addition to all of that awesomeness you have heroes that fly (win), lava levels (not so much win), the ability to obliterate your friends, or the option to work together as a team of four. You even get to take on Ninjas, which right there makes the game a must-have. On top of it all there are seventeen trophies to get, for all you cheevo/trophy hunters, and you can unlock new hats for your heroes. Sounds good to me, even if the game has a price tag of $14.99.

For more information about Slam Bolt Scrappers or Fire Hose Games, check out their official website or watch the trailer for the game below!

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