Turtle Beach Headphones Are Good And You Should Buy Them

Turtle Beach Headphones Are Good And You Should Buy Them

Sometimes you really only need one sentence. See title. Next article.

Well okay, I guess I have to try and justify my ridiculously high (imaginary) salary by trying to get to at least 100 words on this thing. But its true. I’ve used Turtle Beach’s newest headphones. They do exactly what they are supposed to do. If you want headphones that make sound their bitch and bend it over for you, these are what you want.

Now I would be hesitant to call games like Dead Space 2 and Killzone 3 tranquil, but when you put on the headphones for those games and audibly lock yourself away from the chaos of the convention floor, that’s what it is. They don’t completely kill ambient sound, but to be fair, I was in the middle of a convention floor. That bitch be crazy loud. At home they should be no problem.

But let’s talk about the really big thing. The big tamale. The PX5. This thing is bananas. $250 worth of bananas. Which is really the only negative I can see with this thing. But hey, its a fair price for a headset that is made for  Dolby 7.1 surround sound and is Bluetooth compatible. You know what you can do with this thing? You can program your headphones to isolate certain sounds. Gunshots, footsteps, various other things that you want to be emphasized. Like I said, these things make sound your bitch. You can even download preset custom audio settings for the game to create your pitch perfect experience. Visceral Games, the people behind the aforementioned Dead Space 2 are among the first to start using this feature to create custom audio presets for their games. But that’s not all. If it were the rest of this paragraph would just be silly. Say you’re gaming. You get a phone call. Oh no, now you gotta get up. Nope. PX5 sends the call to the headphones. Wanna listen to some music from your iPod? PX5 has that covered. Oh, and by the way, it keeps the game audio playing too. Now if you build a fridge into your chair you never have to stand again. And really, at the price these things go for, that’s the type of person you’d have to be to want to drop money on this. But if you are the type of person that wants really super awesome headphones, you can’t go wrong with these. They will be released in April.

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