Vindictus Update Now Available

Vindictus Update Now Available

Nexon has given you an entire new city to screw around in. And new PVP fun. And the ability to turn into super powerful monster form things. Look, the Rocheste Royal Cadets update gives you a lot of stuff, alright?

I’ve already talked about what Vindictus is and how it plays (linky linky right here), so I’m just here to tell you that the Rocheste Royal Cadets update is here now. You know, like I said in the paragraph above. So what exactly comes with this big ol’ update here? A new storyline where the player’s character gets accepted into the Rocheste Royal Academy for starters. This of course leads to a bunch of shenanigans and goings on with the hero fighting monsters and orcs and some big bad guy called the Black Hammer. There’s also new gameplay enhancements like a PVP duel mode where players can challenge their friends inside of dungeons and an expertise system where you can make food and clothes and weapons and all sorts of neat things. Oh, and you can also go all powerful and screamy like Goku in Dragon Ball Z. Its fun. I’ve seen it.

So if you’re a fan of the game, go get this new update downloaded. If you’re not a fan…well, I can’t really understand why you clicked on this story. You weird person you.

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