Buy One Alice Get One Free

Buy One Alice Get One Free

As if the upcoming Alice: Madness Returns wasn’t going to deliver enough Wonderland inspired insanity into your homes, EA has gone one step above and beyond by making the original PC only classic available on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live. What’s more, if you buy a new copy of Madness Returns, you get that game for free.

This should get you to buy Madness Returns right now. You should now be hotly anticipating June 14th, if you weren’t already. You get a free game. A really good free game. American McGee’s Alice was one of the great PC games of the early 2000’s, back when PC exclusives were actually good. Think of it. An action platformer on the PC that does’t just not suck but actually manages to be great. That is what we are dealing with. And you lucky people are getting it for free.

Alice, of course, is about the famous heroine from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland as seen through the eyes of game designer American McGee. This means that everything in Wonderland is royally messed up, and not in the fun and whimsical way it normally is. Alice is insane, the Cheshire Cat looks like he’s going to stab you in the throat at any minute, the Mad Hatter is turning people into hideous robotic monstrosities, you know, that kind of stuff. Alice has to slice monsters up with knives and playing cards and explode people with jacks in order to put Wonderland back to normal, whatever that means in Wonderland. I’d expect the sequel will be about the same in premise, which means I want it right damn now. But I must wait, which is made easier knowing I get the first game now too.

Again, just so you don’t forget, Alice: Madness Returns finds its way onto store shelves on June 14 and will be available for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. The original Alice will also be available then for 800 Microsoft Points and $10 for Xbox Live and Playstation Network respectively.

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