George Takei for Spider-Man?

George Takei for Spider-Man?

I love George Takei. Not only is he a legend, but he is absolutely hilarious. Regardless if you agree with his lifestyle choices or not (go George!), you really can’t deny the impact he has had on geek culture. While he will forever be remembered for his role in the original Star Trek as Hikaru Sulu, it appears as if George is wanting to take on a role where he can be a webslinger.

In this hilarious video George shows us all of the reasons why he’d be the perfect Peter Parker for the upcoming, and probably disastrous, Broadway show Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark. Obviously this is meant to be a joke, but it actually got me thinking. George is a pretty talented guy so, if we were to completely throw the canon of Spider-Man out the window, I wouldn’t mind seeing him bust out some jazz hands while taking on Green Goblin.

The video, meant to be a promotion for his upcoming musical Allegiance, was really well done and hopefully, since it’s titled Episode 1, we get to see more of George and his awesomeness. OOOOOHHH MYYYYYYY!!!!

For more information on Allegiance, check out their official website, Facebook Page, or Twitter.

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