Investigate Red Johnson’s Chronicles Today

Investigate Red Johnson’s Chronicles Today

Red Johnson’s Chronicles, the new adventure game from Lexis Numerique, is now available on the Playstation Network for Playstation Plus subscribers for $6.50. The game will be available for all other Playstation members on May 3rd, for the price of $12.99.

Lexis Numerique describes Red Johnson’s Chronicles as an investigation/adventure game in which players must find clues and solve puzzles. Players control Red Johnson, a detective in Metropolis, and must solve the murder of the most hated man in the city. Players explore the streets, search for clues, and question suspects that range from  policemen to hobos to escort girls. To get a sense of the style of the game, take a look at this screenshot.

The style of the game looks interesting, and it seems like the game can deliver an engaging atmosphere that all detective games need. Just forget the silly names of Metropolis, Red Johnson, and the policeman, Robert.

The game promises to be 8-10 hours long, so at a price of $12.99, its a decent buy. At the same time, adventure games as a whole have very little replay value, which hurts the value of the game.  That being said, Red Johnson’s Chronicles has the potential to deliver an amazing, unique, 10 hour experience.

To learn more about the game, and to watch the James Bond-esque trailer, go to the game’s website.

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