Portal 2 DLC Announced

Portal 2 DLC Announced

You know how I feel about Portal 2. It’s the only game I’ve given a perfect score (and may, in fact, be the only game that we, as a whole, have given a perfect score to, though some others have come tantalizingly close). The only imperfect thing about it is that there weren’t more test chambers, gameplay modes, or leaderboards. If ONLY there were some way to add those features post-release…wait, what? DLC for Portal 2 has been announced?

More test chambers, leaderboards, and a new challenge mode for both singleplayer and multiplayer are all planned in the first DLC for Portal 2, with a target release of “this summer.” Now, what would you expect to pay for expanded content, leaderboards, and a new gameplay mode? $5? $7? Nope! This is neither Dragon Age nor Marvel vs. Capcom 3! This first DLC comes in at the very attractive price of…free. Yes, that’s right, free. I’m giddy with giddiness about how giddy free Portal 2 DLC makes me. Giddy.

Now, this kind of thing generally IS free, from my experience, for Steam users (PC/Mac), but costs money for console users. Well, this DLC is free across the board: PC, Mac, Xbox 360, and PS3.


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