Rage Pre-Order Announcement: ‘Anarchy’ Edition

Rage Pre-Order Announcement: ‘Anarchy’ Edition

Bethesda and id Software have revealed that pre-ordering a copy of RAGE will earn eager players an upgrade to the ‘Anarchy’ edition of the game.

Only by putting the money on the table early will gamers be entitled to this free upgrade, which makes it sound as though, post-release, the ‘Anarchy’ edition will cost more than the standard.

Those who pre-order the ‘Anarchy’ edition can look forward to four in-game items Marooner’s Rock understands will not be available in the standard edition:

  • The Double Barrel Shotgun
  • Crimson Elite Armor
  • Fists of RAGE
  • Rat Rod Buggy

Upgrades and special editions outside of the US have not yet been confirmed and it is not yet known if the upgrade will be available across PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

For those not acquainted with RAGE, here’s one of the latest game trailers titled ‘Dead City’.


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