The PS3 is Your Portal to Steam

The PS3 is Your Portal to Steam

Not only is that a rather clever headline, but it’s the truth. The PS3 is the first console to have Steam support, Portal 2 is how you get it, and we have the details here.

Now let’s list off what Portal 2 for PS3 has going for it with all this Steam hoopla. You’ve got cross platform matchmaking, which means PS3 users can play with PC users. You can save games to the Steam Cloud in order to save space on your hard drive. Oh yeah, this means that you can play your saved game on any PS3 the world over. A Steam user has access to their friends and achievements and what have you right on the PS3.

But wait! Does it work the other way, you ask? Can you play Portal 2 on the PC or Mac if you have the PS3 version? Damn skippy you can! By redeeming an in-box code on your computer you can start teleporting to your heart’s content.

If you have any more questions, you can get all the full details on Portal 2, Steam, PS3 and what have you, visit the Steam Support Knowledge Base here. It should tell you all you need to know before purchasing the game next week. You are going to purchase the game next week, aren’t you? Good lad. Or lass. Whatever. I can’t see you. I’m on a computer. Quit being crazy.

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