Valve & Nexon Team Up for Vindictus Fun

Valve & Nexon Team Up for Vindictus Fun

For today, and today only, players of Vindictus are in for a special treat as they’ll need to help two familiar Valve characters find their way home. Players level 10 and above will be able to take part in the special quest “Strange Travelers” that will be activated by speaking with Emmass at the Inn in Colhen.

Fans of Team Fortress 2 will recognize the Heavy while Portal lovers will squeal with delight at the return of Companion Cube. When completing the “Strange Travelers” quest you’ll receive a special reward from the Half-Life world. The press release didn’t specify whether the reward would be randomly chosen or if the player could specify as there are three possible items (crowbar, Combine helmet, or Headcrab helmet) but an exclusive item is an exclusive item.

“Strange Travelers” will be a one-time only quest and is available up until midnight (I assume PST midnight), but if for some reason you are unable to make it the reward items will obtainable through other players or the in-game auction house.

For more information on Vindictus check out their Official Website.

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