WonderCon 2011: Green Lantern and Captain America Hands-On

WonderCon 2011: Green Lantern and Captain America Hands-On

One thing I love about the comic conventions these days is how they promote all sorts of upcoming things for our geeky little hearts. So, it was a great treat to get hands-on time with the console versions of the games based on two of this summer’s biggest comic book films.

Both versions will be released this summer, and both were played on a PS3 (just so you know if your final experience is not how I described it).

Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters

In this traditional action game, players take control of Hal Jordan after the events of the movie as he helps the Green Lantern Corps battle the Manhunters. Graphics are very good, and the costume for Hal looks better on a digital Ryan Reynolds than the live action one (the price of a digital world, I guess). By traditional action, I mean “uses a similar control scheme as the God of War franchise,” which is not a bad thing (GoW has the best set-up for an action game in the control department). What makes this game feel different from other action games is the ability to use the Green Lantern ring. Light attacks create giant energy swords, heavy attacks makes giant fists, grabbing uses grappling hooks, special moves include giant maces, gatling guns and missile launchers. Another cool feature is the drop-in and play for two-player co-op, with the second player taking the role of Sinestro. There were only two play modes when I played it, the action game, and the flight section where you soar through space blasting enemies. The action is fairly fast and furious, and of course there are upgrades and new Lantern Constructs to buy to use. I’m looking forward to reviewing the final product.

Captain America: Super Soldier

This one, I’m more looking forward to. After interviewing the game’s writer Christos Gage (which will be up before you know it), I got some good time in exploring Hydra’s castle. While the previous game was a typical action game, this one is more akin to Metroid Prime or Batman: Arkham Asylum, where exploring the game’s location is just as important as the action. In this game set somewhere during the feature film, Captain America airdrops into a Hydra base within an old European castle to discover what Arnim Zola is up to for the Red Skull. One feature I love is how the puzzles are based on old World War II codes. While exploring, there’s plenty of files and folders with information filling in on the story, and showing off little easter eggs for die-hard fans. Acrobatics are fun, with perfect timing not only filling up your special meter, but making beautiful leaping animations. Combat is fun, with Cap moving back and forth between foes and delivering well-animated punches and kicks. With a push of the shoulder button, you can deliver a crippling blow (in slow motion, of course), grab a machine gunner and use him as your own gun, and other such things. And of course, you can toss Cap’s iconic shield, either with a quick toss or an aimed shot. When enemies use their guns, you can time your block to send the bullet right back at them. Sadly, this doesn’t work when you have already tossed your shield, so choose your moments. I was also able to confirm that among unlockables will be two new skins for Cap, one based on his iconic classic look (you may remember it from the early videos of this game) and one based on his Ultimates design.

Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters and Captain America: Super Soldier both come out this summer for all major consoles, and both may be exceptions to the rule about movie-game tie-ins. Keep checking Marooner’s Rock to see how they turn out.

Ahmed is not just a fanboy, but also a martial artist and an indie author who has published such fantasy adventure books as "Lunen: Triblood".

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