WonderCon 2011: Immortals Poster Reveal & Cast

WonderCon 2011: Immortals Poster Reveal & Cast

Was Clash of the Titans not quite what you were expecting? To be fair, was Clash of the Titans a complete pile of shit? (The answer, in case you were wondering, is YES.) If you’re looking for a movie to come along and redeem the Greek Myth genre, Immortals might just be the flick for you. The movie hits 11/11/11, but WonderCon attendees are getting sneak peeks, first look at the posters, photo ops, and more. Speaking of posters…

Here’s a first look at the posters revealed last night at WonderCon and at the main cast members! Tremble before Luke Evans as the mighty Zeus, Kellen Lutz as the aquatic Poseidon, Isabel Lucas as the wise Athena, Daniel Sharman as the bloodthirsty Ares, and Henry Cavill as the noble Theseus!

Tremble before the mighty director, Tarsem Singh!

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